Pipe Plug Training
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NAXSA Pipe Plug Training Program

The next installment in NAXSA’s training library - created through the joint efforts of the U.S. Pipe Plug Manufacturers: Cherne Industries, Lansas, Plug It, and Plug Technologies Inc. - this program is intended for end users of pipe plugs to keep them out of harm’s way when they are required to use pipe plugs on the job site. This program will cover the force generated by air & water pressure, OSHA Confined Space Entry Regulations, the “Danger Zone”, devices used to prevent plugs from failing, selecting the right pipe plug, protective equipment, proper installation, inspecting & testing pipe plugs and many other critical topics to ensure your safety and the successful use of pipe plugs.

Use this presentation in conjunction with your current training program to further illustrate the proper use and dangers of pipe plugs. Only NAXSA Recognized Instructors may purchase and utilize this training aid.

To learn more about the Pipe Plug Training Program, please email ralphg@naxsa.org. Or, apply online and submit an application today.

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