September 22, 2016
Volume 2, Issue 5
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Hotel Room Block Open!
NAXSA's 2017 Annual Meeting
The Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas
March 12-14th, 2017
Book now to reserve your room at the discounted NAXSA rate!
Conference registration to open by Mid October 2016. For updates please visit our website at, or follow us on social media.
Please call 888-987-6667 to reserve your hotel rooms. 
Make sure to ask for the NAXSA block when requesting your reservation.
NAXSA is proud to be a supporting organization at the upcoming
This Onsite Pop-up Plant Turns Excavation Waste into Building Material. 
To make way for new buildings, truckloads of excavated waste are removed from site in a noisy, time-consuming and gas-guzzling process. Exploring a more sustainable solution, the California-based company Watershed Materials have developed an onsite pop-up plant which repurposes excavated material right at the job site to create concrete masonry units (CMUs) used in the development. By eliminating truck traffic, reusing waste and reducing imported materials, the result is a win for the environment. Read more here...
OSHA Fines Texas Trenchers $121K
Fifty-four workers were killed in excavation accidents last year, according to OSHA.  As part of the agency's aggresive emphasis on trench and excavation safety, two contractors working on a untility project on Colorado Street in Austin, Texas have been fined for willful and serious violations of OSHA's trench safety regulations.
Muniz Concrete and Contracting, Inc., and Austin Constructors LLC were cited last April for exposing their workers to hazards on a project where trenches were being dug under and near unsupported utility line encasements. While the excavation was open, underground installations were not protected, supported or removed as necessary as necessary to safeguard workers. Read more here...
NAXSA Member Under New Ownership!
A blog post from a NAXSA founder, David Dow of Trench Safety trench1safety.png
My wife Melissa and I launched TrenchSafety and Supply in 1994 with the vision that we wanted to build a successful business that could have a positive effect on job site safety and profitably — a place that was fun to work, but was serious about helping contractors and utilities work more efficiently . . . and safer.
After 23 years of building TrenchSafety, and opening offices in three major Mid-South markets — Memphis, Nashville, and North Little Rock — we have sold the company to Underground Safety Equipment of Scottsdale, Ariz. The purchase was finalized on Friday, Sept. 16, 2016.
Underground Safety Equipment has four offices and yards — in Denver, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, and San Antonio — in addition to its headquarters office in Scottsdale.

Read the rest of David's blog post here...
NAXSA Member Efficiency Productions at MSU
Mich. Contractor Uses Slide Rail to Install Critical Duct Bank
Recently, Hydaker-Wheatlake headquarted in Reed City, Mich., was low bidder on a project to install a hi-voltage duct bank line for Consumers Energy.
The duct bank consists of 10 ft. (3 m) lengths of 4-in. (10 cm) diameter HDPE electrical conduit encased in concrete. When finished, the duct bank will connect Michigan State University's power plant to a new electrical substation. The new utility will be part of the infrastructure supporting the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) that is currently under construction at MSU.
The conduit line is being installed at an average depth of 10 ft., which requires a trench protection system. With many trench shoring options possible, Jeff Wray, Hydacker-Wheatlakes's project manager, contacted the shoring professionals in Efficiency Production's special operations shoring division.
Read more about this project here...
NAXSA Recognized Instructors and 
Recognized Instructors
Are you an instructor in the trench shoring industry?  If you are interested and dedicated to  helping NAXSA achieve “Zero Deaths or Injuries” in the underground construction and maintenance industries. Then please apply to be a NAXSA Recognized Instructor.  We greatly appreciate your commitment to safety and desire to become a:
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Recognized Training Programs
Are you a NAXSA Recognized Instructor and have a program you would like to share with the trench shoring industry? You may apply to have your training be a NAXSA Recognized Training Program. We greatly appreciate your commitment to safety and desire to promote your available:
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