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State of the US Construction Market (Midway 2019)

New Member Spotlight – ESC Trench Shoring Inc.

NAXSA’S Insurance Program – Is Your Company Utilizing This Cost Savings Service?

CO Trench Safety Summit – Wednesday, September 25, 2019

WA Trench Safety Summit – Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Mark Your Calendars – NAXSA’s 6th Annual Convention and Golf Tournament

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President's Corner

By: Ron Chilton

Let me count the ways! That is a refrain we are hearing across our industry as many of us in the Trench Safety world are trying to identify the size of our markets, the number of players in the market and most importantly the macro and micro drivers impacting our markets. As August starts to wind down, many of us are just trying to deal with the heat that shows up each August. The other type of heat we are probably all feeling is starting to look at our budgets for 2020. As we all start to work on our plans for next year, there are a lot of unanswered questions out there. How long will this strong economy last? How many new entrants to our industry will there be by year end, and how many new players may enter our industry next year. Will the strong construction cycle continue into 2020 and throughout next year? Will we see a recession as many in the media are talking about (and or trying to create)? These are all questions each of us has to address as we move into the fall months.

NAXSA is and its staff has been quite busy this year working on several fronts. We are also contemplating having NAXSA begin to work on a possible mechanism that can help all our members address some of the market size and market direction questions as discussed above. While NAXSA is not a marketing organization, many feel a more focused look at our industry; its size and direction might be beneficial to the entire association. In addition, as we have discussed in our prior communications, planning and organizing for the upcoming Trench Safety Summit (an in ground full day of intense and highly focused training co-sponsored by OSHA) events in Brighton, Colorado and Puyallup, Washington are moving forward at a rapid pace now. The Colorado Trench Safety Summit already has over 300 participants registered. The Washington event is tracking right behind the Colorado summit, so we hope to have more data on that event in the next couple of weeks.

NAXSA has a lot of big open projects right now that are being worked on this summer. If you have time, I highly recommend that you register to attend the Colorado and/or Washington summits. NAXSA is doing a lot of work on these events and we are convinced these summits offer a tremendous value to our industry and all participants.

Finally, we are working feverishly on the upcoming 2020 convention in Phoenix. Our goal for the 2020 convention is to provide a convention format that will deliver the most value our association ever has to our members.

As has been stated before, NAXSA is a volunteer organization whose mission is to represent the Trench Safety Dealers, Vendors, Rental House’s and Engineering members that all are a part of our industry. The association is looking for additional volunteers to get involved in NAXSA to lend their talents, voices and ideas to help direct and drive this association as it further matures. I respectfully ask that each of you to consider volunteering for a committee position or get involved in any area where you think you might make a contribution. This is all of our association and we need new ideas, input and talent in so many areas.

I wish everyone a very safe, prosperous and successful summer and of course a safe and joyous Labor Day Holiday. We will continue to keep you informed of the progress our association is making.

Best regards,


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State of the US Construction Market (Midway 2019)

Data provided by: Dodge Data and Analytic Study

Recent Dodge Data & Analytic Studies show the U.S. economy in 2018 grew 2.9%, following 2.2% in 2017. The GDP for 2019 Q1 rising up 3.1%.

The leading indicators of growth in the construction Industry are construction starts and construction spending statistics. They show that the expansion is continuing, although there’s been some deceleration, including a sluggish 2019 Q1. Below are the key factors for the market activity.


  • Long-term interest rates have stayed low; rate hikes by Federal Reserve on hold for now.
  • Numerous state and local construction bond measures passed in recent years.
  • Fiscal 2019 federal appropriations passed in February 2019 –had 2% increase for highway funding.
  • Agreement reached in May between US, Canada, and Mexico to remove tariffs on steel, aluminum.
  • Agreement reached in June with Mexico to provide greater immigration controls, averting tariffs.
  • Market fundamentals for commercial, multifamily strengthened in 2018 after earlier deceleration.

Click here for the full story [PDF].

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New Member Spotlight

NAXSA welcomes our newest member, ESC Trench Shoring Inc.

ESC Trench Shoring Inc. is part of the ESC Group of companies with facilities and offices in 18 different countries. ESC has been providing shoring solutions for more than 20 years and more recently in the last 5 years has set up a strong focus on the Trench Shield/Boxes and Trench Sheets design and manufacture.

ESC will initially be operating out of 2 offices in the US. These are located in Davidson, North Carolina and The Woodlands, Texas. ESC will be offering sales and rentals of all products and will have service centers located in North Carolina, Georgia and Texas. 

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NAXSA’S Insurance Program – Is Your Company Utilizing This Cost Savings Service?

By Blake Dickens, HMP Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Claims Affect Premiums: How to Minimize that impact

We are all trying to run our businesses more efficiently as well as find ways to cut cost. We believe that NAXSA’s insurance program has proven to be an avenue to do this. As the program grows in volume, we are working to cut rate cost and pass that savings to NAXSA members. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to consider looking at your insurance program so that we can show you the coverage and cost advantages we have been able to provide.

Although the NAXSA Insurance program has proven to show cost savings, there are more tools that companies can implement to help save on insurance cost. You can play a role in some of those factors. One factor that determines your workers’ compensation premium is your loss history. This means that having a workers’ compensation claims can cause future premiums to increase.

Click here for full story [PDF].

Click here for information on the effective transitional duty program [PDF].

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Second Annual Colorado Trench Safety Summit is Just Around the Corner….

September 25, 2019
7:00 am – 4:00 pm
Location: Adams County Fairgrounds, 9755 Henderson Rd. Brighton, CO 80601

NAXSA and OSHA have partnered for the Second Annual Colorado Trench Safety Summit to be held on September 25th, 2019 at Adams County Fairgrounds. The full day of activities will include live outdoor demonstrations, such as sloping, benching, and the use of shores and shields. During these activities, participants will have the opportunity to ask OSHA compliance officers about excavations and protective systems.

The day includes breakfast, lunch and presentations by Xcel Energy and Colorado 811 and a classroom training scenario based round table discussions. There will also be some phenomenal guest speakers such as Brandon Garcia with the Poudre Fire Authority, providing his testament of the recent trench rescue and recovery in Windsor, Colorado. In addition, Eric Giguere, will share his experience of being buried alive.

Click here to view a  sneak peak video of Eric's experience.

Click here to register.

Contact Richard Hearn if you have any questions.

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Washington Trench Safety Summit – A New Event for 2019!

October 9, 2019
7:30 am – 4:30 pm
Location: Washington State Fair Grounds, 110 9th Ave., SW, Puyallup, WA 98371

NAXSA and the University of Washington have been working together to bring the first Trench Safety Summit to Washington. This is the second NAXSA safety summit event taking place in 2019.

Event Co-chairs Ryan Jaffe (DP Nicoli) and Bob Checca (Allwest Underground) have been joined by other volunteers to put together a program designed to benefit everyone involved in the trenching and excavation industry. Attendees from estimators, project managers, crew leads, operators, and laborers will find the program both enlightening and entertaining. Lunch is included.

Inside class topics will cover “The Common Sense of Safety” presented by Rick Gleason of the OSHA Training Institute at The University of Washington, “The True Cost of Safety” presented by Mandy Kime of AGC of Washington, and “The Science of Shoring” presented by Jasper Calcara of DH Charles Engineering.

Outside class topics will include a “Trench Collapse / Rescue” presented by regional First Responders. This will be a complete mockup of a live incident in the field, and how things progress from the working trench to the accident, the panic that ensues with the crew on site, and the controlled rescue methods implemented by First Responders. In addition, there will be a “Trench Awareness and Review” presented by NAXSA member firms in the region, designed to show the correct use and applications of various shoring options. The program will conclude with a powerful presentation of a “Survivor’s Story” by Eric Giguere. Visit YouTube for a glimpse into Eric’s experience.

Click here to register until September 25, 2019.

Vendor booths are also available.

Contact John Winters if you have any questions.

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Mark Your Calendar!

We are pleased to announce NAXSA’s 2020 Annual Convention and Golf Tournament will be held in Chandler, Arizona!

Join us February 5-7, 2020 at the Whirlwind Golf Course and the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino for this annual event.

NAXSA offers one-of-a-kind networking opportunities and educational sessions tailored exclusively for those in excavation shoring practices. Our annual golf tournament is a fun-filled day that you won’t want to miss!

More details to follow in future newsletters! Full details will be available on the NAXSA website in early fall.

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Call for Contributions to the NAXSA Newsletter!

Do you have news for a future issue of the Excavator? You are invited to contribute industry articles and information to the monthly NAXSA newsletter. We welcome:

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Industry News & Resources

Following are links to articles and resources of interest as published by industry trade publications and news media:

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Safety in the Trenches Access to resources and equipment puts the ball in your court
(by Kim Bernotson, Equipment Today, March 13, 2007)

OSHA to Increase Awareness of Trench-Related Hazards
(by Colin Fluxman, OSHA News/Safety Unlimited News-Service, March 5, 2018)

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