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Trench Safety Stand Down Week – Member Highlights

CO Trench Safety Summit – Wednesday, September 25, 2019

WA Trench Safety Summit – Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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President's Corner

By: Ron Chilton

As we roll into mid-July, the heat is upon us, the days are long, and the business is moving fast in most markets. We wanted to let you know that the NAXSA board and many of our volunteers have been busy working on the many projects our association has on going at this time.

First, the Trench Safety Stand Down events held across the nation last month appear to have been a great success. We are still trying to assemble all the numbers of those that were actually trained during the TSSD week, but the initial reports are that thousands of individuals working in and around the underground industry received training this year during the TSSD week. As you may be aware, NAXSA and NUCA work together on this project each year and if only one life is saved from all this effort, most would agree the effort was well worth the results.

NAXSA has a lot of big open projects right now that are being worked on this summer. As we continue to make engineering more of the focus in our association efforts, we are building more engineering discussions and deliverables into our schedule for the upcoming NAXSA convention in Phoenix early next year. The convention planning is well underway and the many volunteers we have working on our next convention are doing a great job of checking off all the many items required to bring off a smooth and well-organized convention. Just so you are all aware, it takes a tremendous amount of time and a lot of thought to put on a cost effective and high deliverables convention. Our goal for the 2020 convention is to provide a convention format that will deliver the most value our members have ever had with our association.

In addition to the TSSD events, NAXSA and its member volunteers have been focusing on the planning for two Trench Safety Summits (an in ground full day of intense and highly focused training) our association is holding (with OSHA) again this year.

As you may recall NAXSA/OSHA put on its first Summit last year in Denver. This event was so well received that both OSHA and NAXSA committed to working together on at least three additional summits to be held in 2019. Our first summit is planned in Denver with additional summits being held in Seattle and Philadelphia. These summits are a huge event and take a lot of planning and effort to pull off. We are planning for at least 300+ attendees at each of the 2019 summits and since these are an “all-volunteer managed” event, many of our members are working long hours and putting forward a tremendous amount of effort to pull these events together and manager the overall process. All of our NAXSA members should thank the many volunteers that are doing so much for our industry in putting on these Trench Safety Summits.

As has been stated before, NAXSA is a volunteer organization whose mission is to represent the Trench Safety Dealers, Vendors, Rental House’s and Engineering members that all are a part of our industry. The association is looking for additional volunteers to get involved in NAXSA to lend their talents, voices and ideas to help direct and drive this association as it further matures. I respectfully ask that each of you to consider volunteering for a committee position or get involved in any area where you think you might contribute. This is all of our association and we need new ideas, input and talent in so many areas.

I wish everyone a very safe, prosperous and successful summer. We will continue to keep you informed of the progress our association is making.

Best regards,


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Trench Safety Stand Down Week – Member Highlights

NAXSA wishes to thank all of our members who participated in the 2019 Trench Safety Stand Down Week events. Thousands of people were trained in these life saving techniques and safety procedures. Below are some highlights from a few member events that took place throughout the country.


National Trench Safety - Colorado Event



More than 175 Contractors Participated in Events throughout CA

Trench Shoring Company hosted 9 trenching and excavation safety stand down events during the week of June 17th to June 21st. These events were attended by over 150 contractors and staff members.

From job sites at Disneyland to LAX and across Southern California, Trench Shoring’s mission was to reinforce NAXSA’s message for job sites practicing trenching and excavation safety procedures. We were met with an overwhelming positive response.

We also took part in a trenching and excavation presentation at the Cal State Dominguez Hills OSHA Training Institute on June 21st. This event was attended by 75 contractors and represented NAXSA prominently. Greg Shreenan of Trench Shoring (NAXSA Training Committee chair) provided the group with a presentation on how to ensure the proper safety standards on the job site.


Being the 2nd year of the Trench Safety Stand Down program, we have found that with a little planning, our contractors really value the information and help with meeting their required safety guidelines on the job sites.


Safety Sunrise!

NAXSA member Jason Rich with Sunbelt Shoring Solutions, had the opportunity to provide a Sunrise Trench Safety Stand Down (TSSD) during the recent safety week. Jason solicited over 150 members from the Ames/Wadsworth Construction JV team that is engaged in the I-15 “Tech Corridor” widening project in the South Salt Lake Valley.

The high-profile project is meant to relieve congestion in this rapidly growing part of Utah County.

The project involves many different types of utility relocations and the need for Trench Safety products runs the spectrum from lightweight aluminum shores, to modular shoring systems, steel trench shields, and a host of ancillary items.

Jason commented that the crowd was so large he had to stand on the tailgate of a pick-up and speak until he was almost hoarse talking about the importance of taking excavation work safely.

Great job Jason and hats off to the safety culture at Ames/Wadsworth for taking the time to host a TSSD for so many of your employees!



TSSD Week Continues to Grow in the Northwest

With more than 1,000 Participants

D.P. Nicoli, Inc. participated throughout Oregon, Washington, and California and trained over 50 companies and 1000 workers. Topics ranged from NAXSA approved competent person training to 20-minute tool box talks on a variety of federal /state OSHA shoring standards. With the increase in local enforcement of regulations all contractors were thankful to have these programs available to increase safety awareness.



Trench Safety Summit - Colorado 


Mark Your Calendar!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

7:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Adams County Fairgrounds, 9755 Henderson Rd, Brighton, CO 80601

NAXSA is partnering with OSHA to bring this one-day summit to you to educate and promote trench safety. It will be free to participants who register by August 25, 2019. Sponsorships are available.

Click here to register or to sponsor this great event!


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Trench Safety Summit – Washington State

Mark Your Calendar for this New Event!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

7:30 am – 4:30 pm

Location: Washington State Fair Grounds, 110 9th Ave. SW, Puyallup, WA 98371

NAXSA is partnering with OSHA to bring this one-day summit to you to educate and promote trench safety. It will be free to participants who register by September 25, 2019. Sponsorships are available.

Click here to register or to sponsor this great event!


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Industry News & Resources

Following are links to articles and resources of interest as published by industry trade publications and news media:

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