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President's Corner

By: Ron Chilton

The NAXSA Board of Directors (BOD) held its latest meeting on Thursday, May 30th. The agenda for this meeting was packed with important topics that the Board needed to review. The following is a short recap of some of the topics and discussions that were held during the meeting.

As you may be aware, the BOD has three new members that were elected at the BOD meeting in Las Vegas after our convention this year. The new members that joined the BOD this year are:

  • Dru Kocina – LB Foster
  • Bret Taylor – Falcon Shoring
  • Bob Tripp – Kloeckner Metals

The BOD reviewed several important topics including the following:

  • Training Committee – Greg Shreenan, (chairman of the Training Committee) reported on the preparations for the second annual nationwide joint NAXSA/NUCA Safety Stand Down and the planned activities regarding the same. Greg asked for more volunteers to join the Training Committee as the committee has several important projects it is working on and needs some additional help. The committee is also working diligently on the upcoming NAXSA/OSHA Trench Safety Summits to be held this year in Denver and Seattle with additional summits in the planning process for Philadelphia and Chicago. Richard Hearn, who was the lead organizer on the first summit held in Denver last year, updated the BOD on the current planning and dates for the Denver and Seattle summits to be held in the third quarter of this year.

  • Engineering Guidelines Committee – Jasper Calcara (chairman of the Engineering Guidelines Committee) reported that the new NAXSA Tab Data Document will be released this year. Jasper updated the BOD on the topics and information gained from the recent engineering breakout sessions held during the convention as well as Joe Turner’s new engineering document which is one of their main focus areas. The committee will have a call in June to make new assignments.

  • Communications & Marketing Committee – Howard Nute (chairman of the Communications & Marketing Committee) reported that NAXSA is back on track with its monthly newsletter program. He asked that members reach out to him and or the committee with any articles and or issues that are relevant to NAXSA members. The NAXSA Zinger program has been well received by the members and the Zingers will continue to be distributed as appropriate and when topics and or information comes available. The committee is starting to work on the next NAXSA membership Directory and Buyers Guide as well as the plan to expand NAXSA’s social media footprint.

  • Membership Committee – Jack Woudenberg (chairman of the Membership committee) updated the board on the current membership rolls, renewal rates and feedback from the Las Vegas convention. The committee is preparing a member survey to send out in the next month or so to get feedback on the value proposition’s NAXSA is providing to its members and where the association can or should go in the future to increase its “value add” to its members.

  • Convention & Program Committee – Wes Jones (chairman of the Convention & Program Committee) updated the BOD on the preparations and planning for the NAXSA 2020 convention to be held in Phoenix. Wes also told the BOD that the committee has tentatively picked San Antonio for the NAXSA 2021 convention site. Wes further updated the BOD on the committees desire to increase the engineering focus at all future meetings. Additional topics discussed were the keynote speakers, exhibitor showcase areas, food and refreshment menus and spouse programs. Planning for the Phoenix convention is well underway.

  • Golf Committee – Ray Bilby (Chairman of the Golf Committee) reviewed the financial success of the Las Vegas tournament and the feedback from many of the members. Ray updated the BOD on the planning already underway for the 2020 convention in Phoenix. The 2020 tournament will be along the same format as used in Las Vegas with a few improvements being made to increase the overall experience for players.

  • Budget - The BOD reviewed and discussed the NAXSA 2019 proposed budget. The budget was presented at the Las Vegas convention held in February of this year. The BOD decided the budget needed some more work and was resubmitted at this meeting. The budget was passed by a unanimous vote.

  • Finance – Brian Crandall (NAXSA Secretary/Treasurer as well as President Elect) reviewed the latest NAXSA financials and cash positions. Due to the increased costs of the Las Vegas location the association did not make as much money from the Las Vegas convention as hoped. With that said, the convention was profitable and the association remains in a strong financial condition. Brian also updated the BOD on the accounting format changes that NAXSA had made this year to bring the association books up to GAAP standards.

The above are just a few of the topics the BOD discussed during its meetings. We are hopeful that this update will allow the members of NAXSA some insight on what the BOD is doing and what projects are being worked on for your benefit.

As has been stated before, NAXSA is a volunteer organization whose mission is to represent the Trench Safety Dealers, Vendors, Rental House’s and Engineering members that all are a part of our industry. The association is looking for additional volunteers to get involved in NAXSA to lend their talents, voices and ideas to help direct and drive this association as it further matures. I respectfully ask that each of you to consider volunteering for a committee position or get involved in any area where you think you might make a contribution. This is all of our association and we need new ideas, input and talent in so many areas.

I wish everyone a very safe, prosperous and successful summer and look forward to a great TSSD week in June.

Best regards,


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Member News

Trench Plate® Rental Co. Acquires Trench Shoring Services

Press Release: Trench Plate® Rental Co.

June 3, 2019
Contact: Mr. Chris Musser, EVP Marketing and Sales – cmusser@tprco.com

Trench Plate® Rental Co. (TPRC) has acquired the assets and operations of Trench Shoring Services (TSS) a multi-state provider of trench safety equipment rentals and sales with 13 branch locations across Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Pennsylvania. Formally organized as TSS in 1993 by the late Dennis Spencer, TSS also designs and manufactures a variety of steel and aluminum trench safety equipment, including its highly-regarded ultraShore® lightweight aluminum trench box product line.

Click here fore full story [PDF].

Member Executive Management Changes at Trench Plate® Rental Co.

Press Release: Trench Plate® Rental Co.

March 20, 2019
Contact: Mr. Chris Musser, EVP Marketing and Sales – cmusser@tprco.com

Trench Plate® Rental Co. (“TPRC”) is pleased to announce that Philip S. Mason has joined the company as President & CEO and as a member of the Board of Directors. Phil brings more than 25 years of executive leadership experience in equipment rental, services and manufacturing industries. He has an extensive and successful track record centered around business strategy and growth.

Growing and improving equipment rental businesses has been a central focus of Phil’s career. Most recently, Phil was President of GE’s Pressure Control business, a leading worldwide supplier and servicer of surface wellheads, “frac” rental systems and production equipment. The company operated over 80 locations globally, many serving as rental hubs for their extensive fleet of valves, pipe and tools. Prior to Pressure Control, Phil led GE’s Subsea Services business where he had responsibility for subsea operations including the management of a rental fleet in excess of 17,000 assets across more than 100 countries. Earlier in his career, Phil served in senior executive positions with several global oilfield service and equipment companies including Wellstream, VectoGray and Halliburton.

In conjunction with Phil joining TPRC, Graeme A. Gilfillan, former President & CEO, will become TPRC’s Chairman and remain a member of its Board of Directors. Graeme has served as TPRC’s President & CEO and as a Board member since August 2012. During his tenure, Graeme presided over a period of exceptional growth and business improvement, which included the Company’s footprint growing from 14 to 26 branches and revenue and earnings increasing by almost 3- and 6- fold, respectively. Graeme’s focus as Chairman will be on various special projects and to continue to help enable TPRC to provide its customers with the highest levels of service and efficiency.

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Member Spotlight – New Feature!  

As part of our updated newsletter initiative, the Communications and Marketing Committee in conjunction with the Membership Committee, will highlight a member in a “spotlight” article. Each month we will feature a new member or provide an update on one of our current members. In our first article we will feature Sunbelt Rentals-Shoring Solutions.


Sunbelt Shoring Solutions

One of NAXSA’s newest members isn’t so new after all!

Last July Sunbelt Rentals acquired Mabey Inc. and set in motion the start-up of their latest specialty rental division, Shoring Solutions. Mabey Inc. brought immediate solutions providing capabilities with 10 East Coast locations, in-house engineering, and a diverse equipment fleet that tackled some of the largest and most challenging SOE, Structural Shoring and Bridging applications. By the end of 2018, the Underground Safety Equipment business of 8 strategically placed shoring rental locations had joined the Sunbelt Shoring Solutions Team. The Spring of 2019 saw the opening of 2 new start locations outside of Washington DC, one in Sterling, Virginia and another in Upper Marlboro, MD. Now 20 locations strong the footprint and core capabilities continue to grow.

These two existing NAXSA members joining the Sunbelt Rentals Team will form the foundation of a new and active NAXSA member that’s excited about our industry, values working with all industry stakeholders, and looks forward to building long lasting bonds with its members. We look forward to continuing and expanding our work together to build a safer and stronger America.

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News from NUCA National  

Bill Hillman has announced his resignation as NUCA’s CEO effective immediately. We appreciate Bill’s service and dedication to NUCA and we wish him well in all his future endeavors. As part of NUCA’s strategic planning and succession management process, the NUCA Executive Committee has prepared for this and we have enlisted the services of a transition management consulting company to assist us during the leadership transition.

The NUCA Board of Directors and National staff look forward to continuing the work of moving the association forward. We appreciate the membership support and welcome new ideas and suggestions in the days ahead to strengthen and grow the association.

Any questions regarding this announcement can be directed to the NUCA Executive Committee. Please contact the NUCA National office by phone #703.358.9300 and ask to speak with Ms. Chris Barrett, COO who will put you in touch with the appropriate committee member.

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Efficiency Production, Inc. Hosts Twelfth Annual Municipal Safety Day for Michigan DPW Personnel  

Press Release: Efficiency Production

June 1, 2019
Contact: James McRay, Director of Marketing and Media

This past May 30, 2019, Efficiency Production Hosted Municipal Safety Day for Michigan’s communities’ Department of Public Works (DPW) and Water Department personnel. Offering training sessions at the event were the Michigan Occupational Safety & Health Administration (MIOSHA), FallTech, AIS Equipment Company, F.D. Lake and Jack Doheny Companies; as well as Efficiency Production.

The twelfth annual event attracted 56 participants from 23 Michigan municipal communities and organizations. Participants were awarded 0.4 Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Continuing Education Credits (CEC), which were administrated by the MRWA.

Click here for full story [PDF].

Tom Hansen (standing) from MIOSHA’s Training Division explains how MIOSHA personnel enforce trench safety requirements.
The 2019 Municipal Safety Day brought in 56 participants from 23 Michigan municipal communities and organizations.

The aluminum sheets of an Efficiency Production manufactured Build-A-Box Sheeting Guide Frame is vacuumed into place by Doheny Companies’ new dry-vac truck
Efficiency Production’s Ron Wey (foreground) details the proper installation technique of vertical hydraulic shores.   

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Contract Risk Transfer Program – Is Your Company Protected?  

By: Blake Dickens, HMP Insurance

Do you have a Contract Risk Transfer Program?

To protect your company against risk, it takes more than an insurance policy. The NAXSA insurance program through HMP Insurance will help you look at all avenues to protect you against those risks.

As with any project, they come with potential financial and operational risks when working with third-party contractors who are using your equipment. A Contractual Risk Transfer Program (CRT) can help mitigate some of those risks. These programs can help protect your business in the event of an injury or property damage claim related to third-party services or products. A Risk Transfer Program simply outlines each party’s responsibilities before work begins for everyone involved in construction projects, and typically involves the following six concepts and/or elements.

Download the Travelers Contractual Risk Transfer Checklist >>

Written Contract

At the heart of the CRT program are written contracts that define roles, responsibilities and your requirements (including financial) of subcontractors, vendors and service providers. They can incorporate indemnity agreements, insurance specifications, and any necessary requirements, such as a Certificate of Insurance (COI).

Click here for the full story [PDF].

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Industry News & Resources

Following are links to articles and resources of interest as published by industry trade publications and news media:

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(by Daniel P. Duffy, Forester Daily News/Grading & Excavation Contractor, April 25, 2018)

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(by Kim Bernotson, Equipment Today, March 13, 2007)

OSHA to Increase Awareness of Trench-Related Hazards
(by Colin Fluxman, OSHA News/Safety Unlimited News-Service, March 5, 2018)

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