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Trench Safety Summit - Colorado

2019 NAXSA Convention

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5th Annual NAXSA Golf Tournament

Veteran West Michigan demolition contractor happy to discover ‘new’ Slide Rail shoring system for soil remediation project

A Closer look at Site Specific Shoring Plans

Efficiency Production announces Tim Hurst as Special Operations Shoring Division Manager

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President's Corner

As we all are winding up the back end of summer, I hope everyone has seen the increase in communication efforts by NAXSA. The updated newsletter schedule, the additional informational Zingers being distributed, the new industry directory project and the new membership campaign have all been rolled out since our meeting in Phoenix this year. All of us at the committee, officer and staff levels are working hard to make sure the members of NAXSA can see this young and exciting organization has found its voice and our organization is delivering real value to its members.

As has been stated before, NAXSA is a volunteer organization whose mission is to represent the trench safety dealers, vendors, rental house’s and engineering members that all are a part of our industry. The association is looking for additional volunteers to get involved in NAXSA to lend their talents, voices and ideas to help direct and drive this association as it further matures. I respectfully ask that each of you consider volunteering for a committee position or get involved in any area where you think you might make a contribution. This your association and we need new ideas, input and talent in so many areas.

As you may have seen, the new NAXSA Member Directory & Buyers Guide project has been rolled out and everyone is excited to see the final product. This new directory will hopefully list all the companies in our industry and also list the many vendors that focus on and support our industry. Please make sure you get your listing information back to the NAXSA office as soon as you can. We want to have as accurate directory as we can for the first pass.

The new OSHA/NAXSA alliance in Denver is doing fantastic. Thanks to the many volunteers that have jumped in to help organize, setup, advertise and hold this new training class with OSHA. It appears this is going to be an industry first in regards to a “hands on - in the ground” training program. If this event comes off as planned, we suspect additional training programs like this one in Denver will be rolled out quickly across the nation. This training program is something many in our industry have been wanting for years. I hope each of you can get up to speed on what is happening in Denver and if possible, we would love to see you join in and participate.

As we approach the fall months, I wish everyone a very safe, prosperous and successful fourth quarter.

Ron Chilton, NAXSA President
National Trench Safety, LLC

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NAXSA Member Directory & Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide ImageNAXSA is proud to announce its first printed Member Directory & Buyers Guide in 2019. The NAXSA Member Directory & Buyers Guide is aimed at being the most robust tool to find the resources you need in the excavation shoring industry. A copy of the NAXSA Member Directory & Buyers Guide will be provided free-of-charge to every NAXSA member for use throughout the year.

The printed Buyers Guide will be a manageable, spiral-bound, 5.5” wide x 8.5” tall, resource—easy to keep handy on a day-to-day basis. The Member Directory section will be listed by state and the purchased Buyers Guide listings will be listed by category.

Member Directory Section

NAXSA members will automatically receive a complimentary listing in the member directory section of the NAXSA Member Directory & Buyers Guide. Information to be listed will be: Company Name; Company Address; Company Type; Your Name, Email and Phone; and Company Website URL.

To ensure we have correct company information, you are encouraged to log on to the NAXSA website and review/update your information before October 1. If you have trouble logging in, please follow the "forgot username/password" prompts or call NAXSA Member Services, 651-379-7307, for assistance.

NAXSA Members: Do you have multiple company branch locations?
We would like to include them in the Member Directory section, also. Click here to submit your branch locations for inclusion.

Buyers Guide Section

Promote you company and services with an additional listing and/or advertisement in the buyers guide section of the NAXSA Member Directory & Buyers Guide.

  • NAXSA members and non-members have the option of purchasing a printed and online listing with inclusion in up to two (2) basic industry category areas included in the base price.
  • NAXSA members and non-members also have the option of purchasing a full or half-page advertisement in the printed buyers guide.

The deadline for Buyers Guide submissions is October 1, 2018.

Get the Details.

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Trench Safety Summit - Colorado

Trench Safety Summit

Wednesday, October 3, 2018
7:30 am – 4:00 pm
Location: Adams County Fairgrounds
9755 Henderson Rd, Brighton, CO 80601

NAXSA is partnering with OSHA to bring this one-day summit to you to educate and promote trench safety.

NAXSA Logo   OSHA Logo

Free* to employees of any contractor involved in underground construction or excavation.
*Space is limited. Registrations will be free through September 7.
After September 7 there will be a $10/person registration fee.

Sponsorships are available.

Get More Information and Register today!

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2019 NAXSA Convention

NAXSA 2019 Convention

Plan to join us for the North American Excavation Shoring Association's 5th Annual Convention in Las Vegas Nevada! NAXSA’s convention offers one-of-a-kind networking opportunities, and educational seminars tailored exclusively for those in excavation shoring practices.

Host Hotel

Park MGM
3770 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 730-7777

Park MGM is a new resort from MGM Resorts and Sydell bringing fun in a personal way to Las Vegas with the help of a great community of friends and collaborators. Stay tuned throughout 2018 as they unfold and become home to Eataly, The NoMad Hotel Las Vegas, Roy Choi's first restaurant outside of Los Angeles, and more. View more details about the hotel and location here.

Book Your Hotel Reservations Today!

Beat the rush and make your room reservations at our host hotel now! To take advantage of the 2019 NAXSA Convention rates at the Park MGM, your reservation must be made by Sunday, January 27, 2019. NAXSA has secured special room rates — listed below — that are available until Sunday, January 27, 2019, or until the contracted room block is exhausted, whichever comes first.

Room Rates:
Park King - $95++ and a $35 resort fee
Nighthawk King - $57++ and a $35 resort fee
++ applies to any applicable taxes, occupancy fees or services charges that are applied to the room rate

Reservation Deadline: Sunday, January 27, 2019

Check-In Time: 3:00 p.m.
Check-Out Time: 11:00 a.m

To Make Reservations

Reservations can be made online at the NAXSA 2019 Hotel Reservation Website. Click here for Park MGM Reservation.

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Convention Call for Presenters

Now is the time to share your expertise and
experience with your NAXSA colleagues

NAXSA Annual Convention 201When asked, NAXSA Members say they want practical education. At the 2019 NAXSA Convention we’ll bring members the most up-to-date industry education available.

Practical Sessions are the BEST way to learn more about the materials, equipment, processes, and innovations that are relevant. The key is finding those willing to demonstrate leadership, earn industry recognition, and improve the industry. YOU ARE the subject matter experts in this industry. Your knowledge needs to be shared!

We invite you to present at the 2019 NAXSA Convention that will be held at the Park MGM Las Vegas, Nevada, February 27 – March 1, 2019.

Submit Your Presentation Abstract Online!

All presentations to be considered for the 2019 NAXSA Convention must be submitted via the online submission form. You can get details and access the form by using the “Submit a Presentation” button below.

Submission Deadline
Submit by end of day on Friday, September 28, 2018 to be considered. Selected speakers will be notified by Monday, October 15.

Do you have ideas or suggestion for an inspirational keynote speaker?
Please contact Wes Jones at WesJones@ntsafety.com with your suggestions or questions.

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5th Annual NAXSA Golf Tournament at Bears Best in Las Vegas

Join us on the Links

The 5th Annual NAXSA Golf Tournament will be held Wednesday, February 27, 2019 in conjunction with the 2019 NAXSA Convention in Las Vegas.  Bears Best Las Vegas is an upscale Jack Nicklaus Golf Course offering a world class experience. Jack Nicklaus himself selected 18 holes from his more than 200 course designs worldwide, encompassing all of his favorite holes into one round of golf. 

For an up close view of this course, go to                        

Registration and Sponsorship opportunities coming soon!

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Veteran West Michigan demolition contractor happy to discover ‘new’ Slide Rail shoring system for soil remediation project

by James McRay

Recently, Pitsch Companies were low bidder on a Michigan DEQ-let demolition and soil remediation project in Grant, Michigan. Pitsch was tasked with demolishing an old gas station, plus the removal and replacement of approximately 2,700 cubic feet of contaminated soil under the old Mini-Mart.

A project like this would normally be old hat for the veteran demolition company, except for a key element to the soil remediation portion: the contract stipulated that a Slide Rail System had to be used to shore the approximately 40 x 40 x 20 feet deep excavation. For the project, the Slide Rail System was manufactured and directly-rented by NAXSA member Efficiency Production.

“It wasn’t an issue of never having used Slide Rail before,” said Steve Pitsch, President of Pitsch Companies. “It was that this was the first time I’d ever heard of something called a Slide Rail System, and we’ve been in business for 60 years.”

Slide Rail System perfect match for soil remediation requirements
Slide Rail is a component shoring system comprised of steel panels—similar to trench shield sidewalls—and vertical steel posts. Slide Rail is installed by sliding the panels into integrated rails on the posts then pushing the panels and posts incrementally down to grade as the pit is dug; a process commonly referred to as a “dig and push” shoring system.

“One of the important advantages of a Slide Rail System over open-cutting is that there’s no over-digging; the excavation walls can be cut exactly vertical,” explained Tim Hurst, Head of Efficiency Production’s Special Operations Shoring Division. “This was a critical factor in the soil remediation, as the system keeps constant pressure against the surrounding dirt, allowing the exact amount of removal and replacement of the contaminated soil,” Hurst said.

“The ‘positive’ shoring system also creates a much tighter work area,” added Hurst, “which was very helpful working in Grant’s historic downtown area.”

Efficiency Production Slide Rail System required shoring system
It is unusual, but not unheard of, for a shoring system to be stipulated in a state-let project contract. However, the engineers at Superior Environmental, the environmental management company overseeing the soil remediation portion of the demolition, had good reasons to do so.

“Efficiency Production assisted throughout the entire design, development, and installation of the shoring system,” said Superior’s Project Engineer, Corey Buckner. “Even before we bid the project, (Retired Division Director) Greg Ross talked us through the shoring process and how Slide Rail would work,” Buckner continued. “We relied on Efficiency’s ‘Special Ops’ team to examine the plans, and provide the engineering and design for the shoring on this project,” said Buckner.

“I felt Greg and his team had given us so much support upfront, that it only seemed fair to add Efficiency as a propriety line item for shoring equipment in the bid,” explained Buckner.

Slide Rail System installed twice
Pitsch actually installed the 20 x40 foot two-bay Multi-Bay™ configured Slide Rail System two times. They excavated and installed the shoring system to grade, replaced the contaminated soil with clean sand, then completely removed all the Slide Rail components before moving sideways 20 feet and repeating the whole process again with the same Slide Rail equipment.

“Coming from an outside industry, I found the Slide Rail System very easy to use,” said Pitsch. “Once we were awarded the project, I really started looking forward to it. It was fun to learn,” he added. “Even after 60 years, it’s exciting to be exposed to something new.”

Slide Rail is installed by sliding steel panels—similar to trench shield sidewalls— into integrated rails on vertical steel posts then pushing the panels and posts incrementally down to grade as the pit is dug; a process commonly referred to as a “dig and push” shoring system.

The “positive” shoring system also creates a much tighter work area, which was very helpful working in Grant’s historic downtown area.

Slide Rail keeps constant pressure against the surrounding dirt, allowing the exact amount of removal and replacement of the contaminated soil; a critical factor in the soil remediation portion of the project.

Using a Volvo EC460-B excavator, a Cat 230D excavator, a Cat 950 rubber-tire loader, and a Cat 226 skid steer; Pitsch was able to install and remove the Slide Rail System—twice—in about five or six days.

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A Closer look at Site Specific Shoring Plans

by Joe Turner, PE

Site specific shoring plans are originated in response to OSHA Subpart P-1926.652(c) (4) Option 4, Design by an Engineer. In the standard OSHA states:

  • 1926.652(c)(4)(i)- Support systems, shield systems, and other protective systems not utilizing Option 1, Option 2 or Option 3, above, shall be approved by a registered professional engineer.
  • 1926.652(c)(4)(ii)-Designs shall be in written form and shall include the following:
  • 1926.652(c)(4)(ii)(A)-A plan indicating the sizes, types, and configurations of the materials to be used in the protective system; and
  • 1926.652(c)(4)(ii)(B)-The identity of the registered professional engineer approving the design.

However, it does not go into great detail about what it should look like or contain. In practice the plan serves the needs of many different people that can become involved with the engineered shoring plan. The contractor, his workers, OSHA, the reviewing engineer and the lawyer all look for different things in the plan. This article looks at the site specific engineered shoring plan, what it should contain and the reasons why.

When and Why to Use a Site Specific Plan
Site specific plans are required when there is no tabulated data available for the shoring system that the contractor wants to use. These cases are usually where;

  • Tabulated data shoring systems like hydraulic shores and shoring shields are being used in situations that are not described or allowed by the data.  The site specific plan is not used to get around the tab data but simply to use the equipment in ways that are not envisioned by the data. For example shoring shields with end plates are not allowed by tab data but it is still perfectly safe to do it as long as the loads are calculated and do not exceed the allowable strength of a shield or the plates.

Another example is where single vertical lines of hydraulic shores are used in conjunction with shields at utility crossings.

  • With tabulated data the soils must always first be identified by the competent person in accordance with OSHA Appendix A. The OSHA soil types and loadings are very conservative compared to engineered soils analysis so there is a lot to be gained in depth and shore spacing using engineering calculations.
  • Shoring systems like sheet pile and wale typically are a combination of steel shapes and are not designed and marketed as a shoring system. There is tabulated design data for the components but it still requires an engineer to design the system.
  • Manufactured systems like slide-rail and hydraulic brace are complicated and are best done by an engineer or at least someone that has experience with the data and engineering technical knowledge.

Sometimes the contractor uses engineered plans for risk management. Just to make sure his guys are getting it right and have someone outside to share the responsibility if they get it wrong. In some cases the engineer just determines the soil types so that it is not all the responsibility of his competent person. The essential difference between Option 4 and Options 1 and 2 is that an engineer is responsible for the shoring design, not the contractor. The contractor is still responsible for installing it safely and in accordance with the plan.

Another difference between site specific plans and tabulated data is that the plan looks at the specific location. It takes into consideration existing structures and buried facilities that affect the shoring system and looks at temporary surcharge loads. The site specific plan should clearly designate the location of all buried  utilities and if they are close or interfere with the shoring system there should be notes that require their exact location prior to or during the shoring installation. Critical facilities like high pressure gas and buried electrical lines should be clear on the plan.  Problems that would delay the work in the field should be rooted out and solved at this stage of planning.  This is part of what the contractor is paying for when he orders an engineered plan, the engineer’s eyes on everything that affects the safety and efficiency of his shoring operation. The contractor and the reviewing engineer should not let one of these plans go through unless this information is there.

Read the complete article.

Joe TurnerJoe Turner, PE, serves as National Trench Safety’s Director of Engineering, Research and Product Development. Mr. Turner is one of the most recognized figures in the trench safety industry, having provided trench safety plans for the last 20 years and has over 30 years of experience in the engineering construction field. Among his many accomplishments, is the book Excavation Systems, Design, Planning and Safety, which was published by McGraw-Hill in 2008 and is still used today as a reference for many students and professionals regarding proper engineering techniques.

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Efficiency Production announces Tim Hurst as Special Operations Shoring Division Manager

Tim HurstEfficiency Production is proud to announce the selection of Tim Hurst as the new Manager of the company’s vaunted Special Operations Shoring Division.

Hurst has been a Slide Rail installer and Shoring Specialist in the department for more than a decade. He has assisted in hundreds of Slide Rail System installations and has worked with countless contractors helping them understand how to use Efficiency’s Slide Rail System.

Hurst’s primary responsibilities will be managing Dealer and Customer Relations; while also bidding, procuring, and scheduling Slide Rail installations. Hurst will manage the other Shoring Specialists in the “Special Ops” department—Mike Ross, Dan Meredith, and Joe Doerfner. Hurst will continue to maintain a presence in the field consulting with Efficiency’s sales team, and assisting in Slide Rail installations as needed.

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Industry News & Resources

Following are links to articles and resources of interest as published by industry trade publications and news media:

'Slope It, Shore It, Shield It' Poster
(OSHA, 2018)

'Slope It, Shore It, Shield It' Sticker
(OSHA, 2018)

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