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Worker’s body found after trench collapse at construction site in Lake Forest, California

Trench Shoring Company is "go-to" vendor for on Concourse Project at LAX

Trench Shoring Company opens new facility in Compton, CA

CERDA acquires VESTEK Trench Shoring Systems

Efficiency Production hosts TrenchMaster I and II Dealer Training

ICON’s Slide Rail Shoring System cuts project time in half in Silver Springs, MD!

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President's Corner

By: Ron Chilton

For those of you that could not make it to Phoenix in May for our annual meeting, you missed a great event and a really fun time.  This year’s meeting was not just informative, but it clearly showed how much NAXSA has grown and how much value the organization is delivering to our members and our industry. 

NAXSA is a volunteer organization that was formed by and has been led to date by a group of industry veterans. These volunteers have committed a tremendous amount of time, passion and financial contributions  to assure NAXSA is just not successful, but to make sure it is the “KEY” voice for its Trench Safety Dealers, Vendors, Rental House’s and Engineering members that all a part of our industry. 

Thanks to Dana Woudenberg, Dave Nicoli, our board of directors and our committee members, NAXSA has grown quickly and today it is delivering a significant amount of value to the industry and all of its members. In fact, one could say NAXSA has found its “voice”. The recently formed OSHA/ NAXSA partnership is moving ahead in an organized and impressive fashion. The training committee videos were a big hit this year and new videos are in the works now. The engineering committee has completed its first big task of rolling out a new industry wide Tab Data revision, which is just the first step in the process. The OSHA, NAXSA, NUCA safety stand down to be held the week of June 18-23 is our association’s first big nationwide industry safety event. The partnership with OSHA and NUCA is something many in our industry thought could never happen.

Today, NAXSA is a vibrant and growing association. With that said, NAXSA needs new volunteers to step up and take on roles on its committees, its Board of directors and its leadership team. I encourage each of you to consider taking a more active role in NAXSA. The future is here and our young association needs your help if we are going to keep this momentum going and keep NAXSA growing and relevant.

I hope each of you have planned for and will be holding “Trench Safety Stand-Down” meetings with your customers, vendors and employees the week of June 18th. NAXSA has some great support tools for your meetings and the association is anxious to help you and your companies organize for this important event.

Summer is upon us so I wish everyone a very safe, prosperous and successful third quarter.

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2018 Trench Safety Stand Down Week June 18-23

North American Excavation Shoring Association

NAXSA Logo   OSHA Logo          NUCA Logo

Trench Safety Stand Down is also sponsored by the NUCA Safety Ambassadors Club.

Trench-related fatalities continue trending up. NAXSA, OSHA, and NUCA have teamed up for the 3rd annual Trench Safety Stand Down Week, June 18-23, 2018, to educate workers and reverse this trend.

Who Should Participate
Any construction company that engages in trenching operations, plumbers, military, unions, associations, educational institutions, safety professionals, and safety equipment manufacturers.

How Companies Can Hold a Stand Down

  • Hold a 20-minute Toolbox Talk
  • Show an Excavation Safety Video
  • Hold a Training Class

Every company or organization that holds a TSSD will receive a certificate of participation, as well as hard hat stickers for all employees who participated. Recognition will also be given in a press release, and NAXSA and NUCA publications.

TSSD details, as well as Toolbox Talks, fact sheets, and other stand down materials can be found at www.naxsa.org/tssd.

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What's In It For Me?

by Dave Nicoli, Immediate Past President, NAXSA

Four years ago, the FOUNDERS had a vision and met multiple times to form NAXSA. The vision was to combine our resources and unite our industry with the goal of ZERO DEATHS IN 2020.

Other goals set were:

  1. Provide a legal safe forum for our members and vendors to meet on an annual basis to associate, network and exchange information and ideas relative to our industry.
  2. To form multiple committees for Engineering, Safety, Communication, Membership, OSHA, Insurance, and more as needed.
  3. To be the “GO TO” ASSOCIATION for the Excavation Shoring Industry.
  4. Promote our industry and reduce non-compliance.
  5. To offer ways to make our own businesses more efficient and safer.

It’s now four years later and I still hear people say what’s in it for me? Let me share with you examples of how I have seen members benefit.

  1. First and most important meeting, networking, and getting to know other like-minded people in our industry. As a result of this net-working members have exchanged ways to
    • Flip Plates
    • Stack spreader pipe
    • Meet and work with new truck and crane suppliers and discuss who provides the best service.
    • Meet and work with many new suppliers and products in our industry.
    • Discussions on inventory software, safety policy and procedures, and new products to name a few that I have personally have had conversations about.
  2. One Founder sold his company to another Founder he met at NAXSA.
  3. Safety videos and training for our customers and our employees.
  4. A solid relationship with OSHA headquarters.
  5. A new NAXSA Uniform Tabulated Data Sheet format.
  6. Education at our conventions
  7. The biggest money savings to our members is the liability insurance which has saved our members tens of thousands of dollars.

This is a tremendous opportunity for all of us to participate in, and we are still in our infancy stage of development. If you still need to know what’s in it for you and you don’t see the benefit of being a member than there is nothing more anyone can say to you except a simple life lesson. You only get out of life what you put into it. So please get involved, be a part of shoring history.

It’s only been four years there is so much more to come.

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Worker’s body found after trench collapse at construction site in Lake Forest, California

by Jonathan Winslow, Orange County Register, May 9, 2018

After several hours of digging, Orange County Fire Authority firefighters recovered the body of a worker who was buried in a construction site accident in Lake Forest on Wednesday, authorities said.

The worker was believed to have been buried at a construction site at the intersection of Glenn Ranch Road and Viejo Ridge when a trench on the site collapsed at 3 p.m., said OCFA Capt. Larry Kurtz. Backhoes were digging in the area when the ground caved in, he said.

Read the complete story.

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Trench Shoring Company is "go-to" vendor for shoring equipment rentals on Midfield Satellite Concourse North Project at the Los Angeles International Airport

By Brian Hoover, Senior Editor CalContractor Magazine
Underground Issue, Spring 2018

Depending on the source, the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is said to be the second or third busiest airport in the United States with more than 80 million passengers passing in and out of their gates this past year. LAX has functioned as an airport since 1928, with the main terminal complex being constructed in 1961. In recent years, LAX has embarked upon a multi-billion dollar modernization program designed to provide state-of-the-art facilities to travelers worldwide.

The Midfield Satellite Concourse (MSC) North Project is the latest part of the LAX Master Plan that was formed back in 2004. The MSC facility is located west of Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT), which is in the central area of the airfield and underwent a $2.1 billion remodel and expansion that was concluded in 2015. The MSC Program includes a new passenger concourse and will be completed in independent phases. Phase 1 (MSC North Project) will improve the terminal operations, concessions facilities, and overall passenger experience at LAX for both domestic and international flights. The MSC North Project will also provide LAX with the flexibility to accommodate passengers with additional gates, while other LAX terminals undergo modernization. In addition, the MSC Project will include a five-story concourse building.

The new 750,000-square-foot terminal will come complete with several lounges, retail and dining concessions, as well as a state-of-the-art baggage system. The building will be connected to the Bradley terminal via a 1,000-foot passenger tunnel equipped with moving walkways. Phase 1 of the MSC project began in September 2016 and is scheduled for
completion in 2020.

Read the complete story.

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Trench Shoring Company opens new, state-of-the-art facility in Compton, CA

Trench Shoring Company, which for almost fifty years has served the construction industry with the highest quality shoring equipment, training, service, and support, has announced the opening of its new, state-of-the-art facility in Compton, CA.

Trench Shoring Company President, Kevin Malloy, notes that the new, nine-acre campus, just one mile from Trench Shoring Company’s Los Angeles location, “gives our growing company the space to consolidate all of our services—welding, repair, product development and expanding inventory—allowing us to even better support and anticipate the needs of our valued customers.”

The new Compton facility occupies over nine acres. It includes a 130,293 square foot fabrication building to support the Company’s welding, repair, production and development capabilities. The 86,500 square foot Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring building incorporates significantly increased square footage to house the construction industry’s largest inventory of quality shoring equipment. The truck service shop is 34,000 square feet. This enables the Company to keep their large fleet of boom trucks and additional equipment in top running condition.

Trench Shoring Company’s source of pride and a major reason for its growth and outstanding reputation is their commitment to fast delivery and pick-up, providing same-day service. This new Compton facility will ensure that a project’s unique shoring needs will be met with first-in-class turnaround, inventory and customized service and support as required.

Since the launch of Trench Shoring Company in 1973, “Commitment to Safety and Service” has been founder Tom Malloy’s motto. Providing shoring equipment and training to keep contractors safe in the trenches through excellent, consistent service was the Company’s motto then, and Trench Shoring Company remains true to this mission today.

New Trench Shoring Company Facility

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CERDA acquires VESTEK Trench Shoring Systems

CWS Road Plate, LLC. dba CERDA INDUSTRIES (CERDA) and Vestek Manufacturing, LLC (VESTEK) are pleased to announce that they have completed a sales transaction under which CERDA will acquire the assets of VESTEK Trench Shoring Systems effective June 6th.

Victor Cerda will be re-joining the company after selling CERDA to VESTEK in 2014. Victor said, “We will continue our production uninterrupted from its current Houston facility.
The team is extremely excited about this new change and looking forward to new product innovations, larger manufacturing capacity and the continued efforts to maintain most efficient lead times in the shoring industry.”

Steve Hanley will remain as General Manager/Sales Manager in charge of day to day operations.  He and Victor are veterans to the industry and have a combined 55 years in the Trench Shoring Industry. 

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Efficiency Production hosts TrenchMaster I and TrenchMaster II Dealer Training Sessions

This spring 2018, Efficiency Production hosted their bi-annual TrenchMaster I and TrenchMaster II dealer training courses for personnel from Efficiency’s national dealer network. TrenchMaster I was April 17-19; and TrenchMaster II was May 15-17.

The TrenchMaster I course is designed to train new dealer personnel in the proper application and use of Efficiency’s many shoring and excavation support products, and learn the proper use and application for each piece of equipment. Through hands-on field exercises, students learn how to assemble and use common shielding and shoring equipment; as well as examine the limitation of the equip as stipulated in the manufacturer’s Professional Engineered-stamped Tabulated Data.

Seventeen representatives from the following dealerships attended TrenchMaster I training: Battlefield Equipment Rental, Trench Plate Rental Co., Cooper Trench Safety, Underground Safety Equipment, Trench Safety & Supply, and Efficiency Production.

TrenchMasster 1 training participants

The TrenchMaster II course is designed to equip distributor representatives with knowledge needed to solve common issues encountered by the customers they serve. The class expands on TrenchMaster I training by showing students how to solve excavation issue in the most efficient manner by utilizing Efficiency shoring equipment. During student-led field exercises, students execute Efficiency Production standard procedures for the proper installation of a full Slide Rail System.

Seven representatives from the following dealerships attended TrenchMaster II training: Underground Safety Equipment, Trench Plate Rental Co., Metroplex Utility, and Efficiency Production.

TrenchMasster 2 training participants

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ICON’s Slide Rail Shoring System cuts project time in half in Silver Springs, MD!

The low-bid contractor sought out Icon Equipment to assist them with their support of excavation for a remedial action plan.  An Icon Rep met with the contractor on site to review site plans and discuss shoring options for this particular area of concern. There were several existing buildings and underground utilities near the excavation that could not be damaged or relocated so Icon recommended the contractor use a 42’L x 20.50’W x 20’H Environmental System that allowed them to maneuver the system in a manner as to not damage the existing buildings or utilities.  The contractor anticipated this work being completed in (1) month, but with Icon’s Environmental System, he was able to complete the project in (2) weeks!

ICON Slide Rail Shoring System ICON Slide Rail Shoring System

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Industry News & Resources

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(by Lori Lovely, Forester Daily News/ Grading & Excavation Contractor, October 23, 2017)

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Slide Rail Rules! In the excavation roost, advantageous slide-rail shoring systems provide safety while cutting labor and material costs in a variety of applications
(by Carol Wasson, Forester Daily News/Grading & Excavation Contractor, February 5, 2017)

Engineering Trench Safety Critical Aspect of Project Success, Costs
(Underground Construction, September 2016)

Safety in the Trenches Access to resources and equipment puts the ball in your court
(by Kim Bernotson, Equipment Today, March 13, 2007)

OSHA to Increase Awareness of Trench-Related Hazards
(by Colin Fluxman, OSHA News/Safety Unlimited News-Service, March 5, 2018)

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