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NAXSA Recognized Training & Recognized Instructor Programs Benefiting Members

News Release Contact: Jess Myers, NAXSA Media Relations, Phone: 651-290-7465

Trench shoring experts learning from renowned efforts and new Pipe Plug Training Program

CHICAGO (June 20, 2017) – Experts in the excavation shoring industry throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico are singing the praises of the Recognized Training and Recognized Instructor programs offered by the North American Excavation Shoring Association (NAXSA). The programs are designed with safety in mind, helping companies and individuals learn the latest and most trusted methods for ensuring an efficient and secure workplace.

Companies are finding that the NAXSA Recognized Training Program provides vital validation of their safety programs their employees’ dedication to safety in the trench shoring industry. Requirements for the program include a complete review of the program’s training manual, handouts, presentations and other program material. All materials are reviewed with a keen eye to ensure the program is presented by a knowledgeable and qualified trainer and to validate the program is of the highest quality and benefit to participants. Only NAXSA Recognized Instructors may facilitate NAXSA Recognized Training Programs.

Earning a NAXSA Recognized Instructor designation is fast becoming a sought-after credential in the industry. Recognized instructors embody NAXSA’s goal of “zero deaths and injuries” in trench shoring. The program ensures instructors are trained in safety, shoring and shielding, OSHA standards, that they meet the required levels of training experience, and are qualified to teach the material. Additionally, recognized instructors have proven teaching skills that are effective for knowledge sharing, allow students to stay focused and engaged in their courses, and effectively use instruction aids such as presentations and real-world examples.

The next installment in the training library is the NAXSA Pipe Plug Training Program, which was created through the joint efforts of the U.S. Pipe Plug Manufacturers: Cherne Industries, Lansas, Plug It, and Plug Technologies Inc. This program is intended for end users of pipe plugs to keep them out of harm’s way when they are required to use pipe plugs on the job site. As a supplement to their program will cover the force generated by air and water pressure, OSHA Confined Space Entry Regulations, the “Danger Zone,” devices used to prevent plugs from failing, selecting the right pipe plug, protective equipment, proper installation, inspecting & testing pipe plugs and many other critical topics to ensure your safety and the successful use of pipe plugs.

To learn more about becoming a NAXSA Recognized Instructor or to have your training program validated as a NAXSA Recognized Training Program, please visit the NAXSA website or email ralphg@naxsa.org. To become a NAXSA Recognized Instructor, please download and submit an application today.


Efficiency Production, Inc. Hosts Eleventh Annual Municipal Safety Day for Michigan DPW Personnel

News Release Contact: James McRay, Director of Marketing & Media, Phone: 517-676-8800

This past June 1, 2017, Efficiency Production, Inc. hosted Municipal Safety Day for Michigan communities’ Departments of Public Works (DPW) and Water Department personnel. Offering training sessions at the event were the Michigan Rural Water Association (MRWA), FallTech, AIS Equipment Company, F.D. Lake, and Jack Doheny Company; as well as Efficiency Production.

The eleventh annual event attracted 85 participants from 34 Michigan municipal communities and organizations. Participants were awarded 0.4 Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Continuing Education Credits (CEC), which were administrated by the MRWA.

“Municipal Safety Day is designed specifically for Michigan’s public works personnel,” says Mike Ross, Efficiency Production’s National Training Director. “These are the workers who routinely need to perform duties that cross a spectrum of potentially dangerous situations. Our goal is to educate DPW workers on the entirety of excavation and construction safety.”

The Morning Training Session included instruction in MIOSHA Standards for Soil Classification presented by Efficiency Production’s National Training Coordinator, Mike Ross; and Confined Spaces training presented by Joe Little with MRWA. The Afternoon Training Session featured Field Training, on:

  • Hydraulic Shores Uses & Safety, presented by Efficiency Production
  • Backhoe Operator Safety, presented by AIS Equipment
  • Proper Rigging Safety, presented by F.D. Lake
  • Hydro Excavation with Shoring Demonstration, presented by Jack Doheny Company
  • Fall Protection Safety Training, presented by FallTech

For the second year, several local equipment and supply vendors set-up stations to display their municipal-specific products, including:

  • AIS Construction Equip
  • Capital Equipment
  • E. J. Company
  • F. D. Lake
  • FallTech
  • First Due Fire Supply
  • Golden Design Embroidery
  • Haviland Enterprises
  • J.P Signs
  • Jack Doheny Companies
  • K & H Concrete Cutting
  • Monroe Truck Equipment
  • Municipal Supply Co.
  • Purity Gas
  • Signature Ford
  • Tri-County Int’l Truck Sales

Also highlighting Municipal Safety Day was a cook-out barbeque lunch, compliments of the chefs in Efficiency Production’s Sales Department.

The Michigan Rural Water Association’s mission is to provide resources, education, and networking to all members, future members, and their customers in order to enhance quality of services.

Efficiency Production, Inc., “America’s Trench Box Builder™,” provides the widest selection of standard and custom trench shielding & shoring systems. Efficiency’s versatile products are designed specifically for safe and cost effective installation of utility systems and infrastructure improvements. All products are P.E. certified to meet OSHA and MIOSHA standards. For more information, visit www.efficiencyproduction.com.

attendees at annual saftety day


Mike Ross, Efficiency Production’s National Training Coordinator, explains the dynamics of soil pressure during classroom training at the 2016 Municipal Safety Day program


Participants from Municipal Safety Day operate a backhoe and rig an Efficiency Corru-Lite trench shield as part of the Backhoe Operator Safety & Proper Rigging field training conducted `by F.D. Lake and AIS Equipment.

Above: The 2017 Municipal Safety Day brought in 85 participants from 34 Michigan municipal communities and organizations.


2017 WEBINAR SERIES: This Is Your Year!

David Dow

Webinar: Confined Spaces
Speaker: David Dow
Recorded on: March 10, 2017
Restrictions: NAXSA Members-only (sign-into your NAXSA profile prior to "registering")

Webinar: Crane Safety
Speaker: Ronald Overton
Recorded on: March 10, 2017
Restrictions: NAXSA Members-only (sign-into your NAXSA profile prior to "registering")

Webinar: Pipe Plug
Recorded on: March 10, 2017
Restrictions: NAXSA Members-only (sign-into your NAXSA profile prior to "registering")

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2017 NAXSA Board Member Spotlight

Todd Hayes
Todd Hayes
Board Member
Region Vice President
United Rentals Trench Safety
Omaha, NE

Dana Woudenberg
Dana Woudenberg
Past President
Chief Executive Officer
Trench Shore Rentals
Scottsdale, AZ

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Save the Date! 2018 NAXSA Annual Convention

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May 8–10, 2018

Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino
5040 Wild Horse Pass Blvd, Chandler, Arizona 85226 USA

Website: www.wingilariver.com/index

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